Do you have what it takes?

What is the Coach Pain Academy?

The Coach Pain Academy is a fitness workshop and much more. It is an exciting, versatile and innovative program that is designed to push you beyond your limits. As a participant, you will be equipped to adapt and overcome challenges both mentally and physically while embodying the warrior spirit within. This program gives each individual an opportunity to develop a stronger, more intentional version of themselves. The main focus of each session will be on discipline to help you achieve and surpass your goals. With a military evolution style, you will be tested and you will succeed!

Why Coach Pain Academy?

The fitness industry has become saturated with boring and repetitive programs. With the Coach Pain Academy you will step outside of the norm and acknowledge your inner growth; not being afraid to take ordinary and transition it into extraordinary. Fitness can also be tedious due to uninteresting movements that don’t provide excitement or results. The Coach Pain Academy will stimulate your passion to evolve as if a caterpillar is evolving into a butterfly.

Who will benefit from the Coach Pain Academy?

Those who choose to acknowledge that there is much more to them than the image that is in the mirror will obtain the full benefit of the Coach Pain Academy. This program is not going to be easy and each participant will learn what hard work and grit really mean. Members that come in with a strong work ethic, perseverance and a desire for accountability will be most prepared for the challenges that come at the Academy. This program is for all fitness levels; it is the inner being that will determine the outcome of how far you will go.

How will the Coach Pain Academy work for you?

It will give you a broader outlook on your existence and on how important it is to preserve your mind, body, and spirit. Here you will learn to put away temporary goals and focus on long-term lifestyle achievements. The goal is to walk away with the intention of living to your fullest potential. You will not be consumed with one-dimensional activities because the body is designed to move effortlessly and you, my friend, are the master of your motions.