Services I Offer

Our programs are designed to give you a base foundation for all things in life as we teach discipline, mental toughness, commitment, balance and other transferable life skills through fitness.


Online Coaching and Motivation

Online Coaching and Motivation – This program is geared towards a direct intimate service that provides a solid personal relationship to give you more of a personal touch taking it one step at a time and going beyond your goals

Public speaking events

Public Speaking Events – This service helps to provide a team building and self awareness to develop more of a confident environment that will help for the present and future Fitness seminars Obstacle Racing Events, Schools and Corporate Offices. Locations are both national and international for all audiences.Durations ranges from 1 – 5 hours.

Fitness Bootcamps

Fitness Bootcamp – This fitness is a lifestyle program that helps to build and create a mindset of discipline and physical capability for all fitness levels

Locations include public parks, auditoriums, fitness facilities, accommodating 10 – 300 people

Youth Mentoring Programs

Youth Mentoring Programs – Children are our future. They are the continuation of the generation to come. This program provides a solid base to give them a sense of knowing that believing and having respect will lead them in the right direction

Pre Fitness Programs

Pre Fitness Programs – This is a program that will provide a base for both armed forces and first responders to get them into gear and prepping them for the real thing making sure if they stay ready, they won’t have to get ready.

Police Officers, Fire Department, Paramedics. Both sponsored and individuals sign up. The program lasts from a 1 day tutorial up to 6 weeks

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