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by Cassie on Coach Pain
The man behind the Pain

Ah, Coach Pain. The guy known for making you do weighted push-ups in the start shoot if you're late for send off and the guy who believes in accountability and pushing yourself beyond your perceived limitations., because pain is only weakness leaving the body, right? But, he's also the man that goes above and beyond to make people feel great. Not only physically, but emotionally, as well. The first time I really met Coach Pain, I was standing on the sidelines with my son, waiting for the first wave of the race to start. He made eye contact with me, probably drawn in by my recent chemo-induced bald head glistening in the sun, and smiled. I listened to his tear-jerking start line speech, and then the racers were off. After, he came up to me and said, "Hey girl, how are you doin?" and wrapped me in his big Coach Pain arms. He had remembered me from BFX24 (How? I have no idea), and that moment meant the world to me. I explained that I was unable to run, but my son was running in my honor, and Coach gave him a high-five and told him what an awesome kid he was. Brayden talks about that moment all of the time, and I know it will always be special to him. So, while we know that Coach Pain can.. bring the pain... he also brings humanity and humility to a sport that can be pretty self-absorbed. Thanks, Coach Pain

by Amy Hamilton on Coach Pain

Our first encounter with Coach Pain was at at a marathon event ( Battlefrog).. Coach Pain was pumping up and motivating the next set of runners. My son being 10 years old has somewhat of a short attention span so to see him be enthralled was unique. He said, " Mom he is the emotion man, I like him". Needless to say he wanted to follow Coach Pain and we stay connected through Facebook along with his other fan base. Recently, my son tried out for the basketball team at his school and playing ball is his passion. Unfortunately, he didn't make it and was really down. I reached out to Coach Pain to see if he could pump him up. Upon contact he immediately offered to talk to my son. My son was in amazement that he was actually personally speaking to Coach Pain. Needless to say, it was inspirational and the way he was able to connect so naturally and "reach" him. Coach Pain is the REAL deal...amazing person and roll model for all!

by Brendan Laird on Coach Pain
Coach Pain Means Business

I've been training with Coach Pain for several years now and my experience with him has been unparalleled. Every workout plan is dynamic, functional, intensive, and uniquely tailored to meet your goals. For example: When I started training with him I weighed in at 122 and had an 8 minute mile. We discussed the type of workout plan my goals demanded and put together a diet plan. Now I weigh in at a lean 139 and have a 6:10 mile. Training with him will shatter what you think you're capable of! Were it not for him, I would have never had the confidence to think I could make it in the Navy. I've been just over a year and maxed out my last PRT (Physical Readiness Test) scores with the help of Coach Pain. Whatever your fitness goals, Coach Pain will lead you there!

by Justin Hammond on Coach Pain
The Business of Conducting Business

Coach Pain is an awesome fitness coach. He has helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and provided custom workouts to push and challenge me farther than I thought I could go. Coach Pain has helped me see results, not only immediately, but absolutely and definitely. He aims to help you achieve a level of fitness that will benefit you later in life. Also with nutrition, he has helped me tremendously with knowledge of foods to eat that will be best for my body and taking me to the next level. Coach Pain is always accessible and a cool down to earth guy. He challenges you physically and builds you up mentally by motivating you and providing a self confidence that you can push beyond your self perceived limits. I truly believe, no matter your goals in fitness, Coach Pain will help you succeed. I look forward continuing to chase my fitness goals with Coach Pain, building strength and gaining "helladurance".

by Jason Simmons on Coach Pain
Thanks Coach Pain

It was a honor and privilege to meet Coach Pain and handle a lot of business. My life was changed for the better after meeting Coach Pain. Thank you Coach Pain. Continue to handle that Business.

by Johnny Larios (JRokk) on Coach Pain
Coach Pain is THE BUSINESS

First day I met Coach Pain was not a peice of cake as some may think I may have said lol. It was a day filled with push, grind, grit, lows and highs. He knows exactly how to motivate an individual passed their own perceived limits and beyond said limits. He can inspire you to keep moving forward and to not quit. This man has a gift that God has given him and through his inspiration I am now able to continue to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Thanks Coach Pain for conducting your business and baptizing me into fitness!

by Lisa Caswell on Coach Pain

Coach pain has the ability to inspire people from across the other side of the world, with his motivational words of encouragement. His words alone can direct you on the right path I struggled to find alone . One true gift ...

by Amanda Spencer on Coach Pain

I have just started my training experience with coach pain and already experiencing increased self confidence, constant support, and a newfound hunger and love for life and fitness. The coach pain experience I already know is and will continue to be life changing! Do not regret it for one second. Best decision ever!

by Debbie stroup on Coach Pain

Coach is amazing..he is such a humble man. He gives his all in everything he does. I had the chance to meet him when he did the hardcore mudruns. Never forgot what a motivator he is. Glad to call him my friend.

by Cesar on Coach Pain
Check it out you wont regret it!

Coach Pain is one of the most motivational and inspirational individuals you will ever come across. His training videos and motivational daily videos give a compelling theme in which you have a understanding of never taking anyone or anything for granted. If you looking for someone to guide you, weather it be inside fitness or outside of fitness look no further. It's something you won't regret!

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